“Tears Know No Age”

“Tears Know No Age”

Why do I have to confide in people in bits.

Like its a trade,

Why can’t I find people to share that space?

Why do I have to find sometime fuck

for the night,

Why can’t I find someone to spend the daylight?

Why do I have to rhyme the words,

Why can’t I just express and be heard?

Why do I have to seek everyone’s attention,

Why can’t I be someone’s acceptance?

Why do I speak when no one hears,

Why can’t I be seen with such tears?

Why do I obsess and pry,

What cant I live the stoned high?

Why do I run this endless race,

Why can’t I just take the cowards escape?


“I thought becoming 21 would be the end of all teenage drama,

But, clearly age is just a number!”

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