Ayigiri Nandini

“Tears of women can bring down furies of such might that even hell would seem to be the perfect paradise!”


“Tears Know No Age”

“Tears Know No Age”

Why do I have to confide in people in bits.

Like its a trade,

Why can’t I find people to share that space?

Why do I have to find sometime fuck

for the night,

Why can’t I find someone to spend the daylight?

Why do I have to rhyme the words,

Why can’t I just express and be heard?

Why do I have to seek everyone’s attention,

Why can’t I be someone’s acceptance?

Why do I speak when no one hears,

Why can’t I be seen with such tears?

Why do I obsess and pry,

What cant I live the stoned high?

Why do I run this endless race,

Why can’t I just take the cowards escape?


“I thought becoming 21 would be the end of all teenage drama,

But, clearly age is just a number!”

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